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Walk a mile in her shoes – one penny at a time

This week the African Well Fund is challenging everyone to think about how easy it is for us to get fresh, sanitary water and participate in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Pennies for the People.” It takes 84,480 pennies laid end to end to make a mile. So start collecting, one penny at a time and try to save a mile’s worth of pennies in recognition of the distance others have to walk for their water.

Snidely Whiplash Rules – Mustache Competition for Charity

The First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Contest debuts amid beer, bands and prize giveaways . As men are rated for their beauty, women will demonstrate strength in a raucous arm-wrestling tourney for charity.

Soup and a Bowl to Go

ShareTweet If you have been waiting for the Soup Bowl Supper, put February 23rd on the calendar but call now for reservations. Every other year Artspace hosts a fund raising Soup Bowl Supper with a delicious dinner that comes with a ceremic bowl hand made by art students from Southeast Raleigh, Sanderson and New Hope […]

Triangle Spokes Group says bikes are a childhood rite of passage

ShareTweet On April 20, 1996 a group of children representing countries from around the world gathered to draft a “Children’s Bill of Rights“. This document summarized basic rights that all children the world over should be entitled to and expect. As we deal with issues of poverty and inequality in America we must acknowledge that […]

Avast ye! Drag Bingo goes Pirate!

ShareTweet   The Alliance of AIDS Services Carolina is a remarkable agency doing remarkable work for those living with HIV/AIDS and their families through compassionate and non-judgmental care, prevention, education and advocacy. I love supporting this organization because they have great passion for their work and clients. The staff and volunteers also give with an […]

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