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Blogging for 5 Bucks is Change has been a wonderful privilege.  I have learned of the amazing things that people can do to change the world. I have had the honor and privilege of writing about many wonderful nonprofits, charity visionaries and passionate change-makers. These brilliant and caring people have been committing countless hours to causes and ideas that will make a difference in our lives.

Meet Marty Smith

One such change-maker is my friend Martin “Marty” Smith. He took a diagnosis of cancer as a higher call to live his life everyday in the most meaningful and impactful way. He has dedicated his time to sharing his business knowledge (any topic, you name it). He does it for free helping hundreds understand the confusing online digital world.

Cure Cancer Starter

Marty has also taken on the biggest and last challenge of his life. He has created a crowdfunding cancer research site Cure Cancer is a crowdfunding platform developed with support from Raleigh web developers Atlantic BT and in cooperation with five “pilot” cancer centers:

  • UNC Lineberger Cancer Center (Chapel Hill, NC)
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute (Buffalo, NY)
  • Duke Cancer Institute (Durham, NC)
  • UW Carbone Cancer Center (Madison, WI)
  • City of Hope (Los Angeles, CA)

Cure Cancer Starter100% of donations made to cancer research on go to cancer research centers! is FREE for any approved cancer research center.

One of the unique aspects of Cure Cancer Starter is the transparency of the funding platform. The physicians and researchers receiving donations from Cure Cancer Starter investors are obliged to share their progress on their projects. They want to engage with their donors and welcome sharing their advances.


Any donation is welcome. Check the site for one that speaks to you personally. Afterall, while the process is run like a business, we know it’s personal.