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52WeekChallengeGiving to charity is does not have to mean writing a big check. Indeed, charitable giving in a tough economy can be very hard for the kind hearted. A simple money saving idea can make a big difference whether you are saving for your vacation, an emergency fund or to be a philanthropist. The 52 Week Money Challenge encourages putting away a little bit every day in increasing amounts. Start with $1.00 on Week One and add an additional dollar every week until you reach $52.00 on Week 52.  The cumulative  growth results in a grand total of just under $1,400.00!

To make it easier to save, set up a jar in a prominent place that you’ll see every day.  Start with loose change or small bills. If there are others in the household, encourage them to contribute. The small contributions everyday will make event the largest weekly sum easy to achieve, especially when the savings habit is established.

Savings Chart

Here is a chart that you can print and tape to your Giving Jar.  Good luck saving and enjoying giving it away again.