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Drag Queens and Beauty Pageants

ShareTweet We live in the South, y’all. So what’s the singularly most defining event of living in the South? The Beauty Pageant, of course! From “Miss Firecracker” to “Sweet Potato Queens”  we have celebrated the wonder and absurdity of beauty pageants. This Saturday, September 14th, the grand-daddy (or Momma?) of all pageants will be held […]

Flintstones Bowling

ShareTweet The Bowling for Flintstones Vitamins raised money and donations of chewable vitamins to send on a dentistry service trip to Moldova

Animal Planet

ShareTweet Conservators’ Center is a nonprofit organization that preserves threatened species through rescuing wildlife in need, responsible captive breeding, and providing educational programs and support worldwide.

Night Life

ShareTweet 5 Bucks is Change” encourages friends to gather together to help raise funds for non-profit organizations – and have fun along the way!

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