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Fringe Sports and Odd Pursuits

ShareTweet I had the pleasure of speaking to a lively crowd at Ignite Raleigh 3 on February 16th on my favorite subject besides 5 Bucks is Change, “Fringe Sports and Odd Pursuits”.  As a collector of new experiences and a cheerleader for small nonprofits, events and organizations I often find new and unusual activities to […]

Triangle Spokes Group says bikes are a childhood rite of passage

ShareTweet On April 20, 1996 a group of children representing countries from around the world gathered to draft a “Children’s Bill of Rights“. This document summarized basic rights that all children the world over should be entitled to and expect. As we deal with issues of poverty and inequality in America we must acknowledge that […]

Volunteer – It’s easier than you think

ShareTweet Volunteerism is alive & well and just around your corner. The excuses for not volunteering are becoming fewer and fewer. "I only have a couple of hours", "I can’t volunteer on a regular basis" and "I don’t know who to contact" have all become invalid reasons for not giving a little of your time […]

Hippo Rolling

ShareTweet More than a billion people worldwide do not enjoy the luxury of water on tap in or near their homes. For most of us water is available within a short distance, but for many, access to water requires many hours of waiting in queues and then carrying heavy loads of water all the way […]


ShareTweet Each month you will find a list of local, national and global non profit organizations that would love your support. If you have a non profit you would like to have featured, please e-mail me at janet AT 5bucksischange DOT com. Donors I love this charity because it supports teachers and schools and […]

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