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Fringe Sports and Odd Pursuits

ShareTweet I had the pleasure of speaking to a lively crowd at Ignite Raleigh 3 on February 16th on my favorite subject besides 5 Bucks is Change, “Fringe Sports and Odd Pursuits”.  As a collector of new experiences and a cheerleader for small nonprofits, events and organizations I often find new and unusual activities to […]

It’s Not Too Late

ShareTweet 2010 is winding down and what a remarkable year it has been for me! Since launching the idea of 5 Bucks is Change last Christmas I have met hundreds of people who share my enthusiasm for helping nonprofit organizations, both large and small. I have been inspired by thousands of acts of kindness and […]

NCDevCon Supports 5Bucks is Change

ShareTweet Ignite Raleigh ending up being more than an opportunity to present a new idea about fund raising with friends. It was an event that helped me make new friends and impart the 5 Bucks philosophy to hundreds of new people. One of my new friends is Dan Wilson, a co-presenter from Ignite Raleigh. He […]

Save the World, Tell the World

ShareTweet OK, maybe you are saving just a small part of the world and we are only telling a small part of the world but doesn’t it still feel really good? Have you planned an event? Did you have fun? Did you raise awareness about a micro-charity? Then tell us all about it. Send and […]

“5 Bucks is Change” – It all starts now

ShareTweet Life is full of great gifts and lots of fun when friends band together. You can harness the power of friendship to make some change in your neighborhood, your community, your country and the world. The “5 Bucks is Change” initiative encourages friends to gather together for social events and add a little fund […]

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