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Cat ShoppingThis week I have been looking for love….of the four footed  variety. My home has no cat and that’s unusual. I do love dogs but as all my friends agree, I do not live a dog lifestyle. Cats, with their independent “you’re here to serve me” ways and need for “alone time” work perfectly into my life. So this week I began my hunt for the perfect cat. Perfect for me anyway.

Laura Leslie at SPCA Wake County

Laura Leslie of WUNC-FM enjoying “Bark & Wine.”

As it was Valentine’s week, every shelter in the area had a great deal on cat adoption fees. I occasionally volunteer at Safe Haven for Cats so am familiar with their available cats.

I had the pleasure of attending the SPCA of Wake County “Bark & Wine” event on Valentine’s Day. It was a sold-out fundraiser for the shelter and my first visit there. Not only was the event fun, it was great to see so many people there who had adopted or planned to adopt in the near future. The shelter was clean, smelled great and was very cheerful. The cats were available to visit in group rooms where they could interact with each other as well as visitors. I visited every cat in the shelter including a behemoth 30 pound cat who has an adoption pending (and on a diet). Sadly no purrfect match but I did fall in love with the SPCA of Wake County, their team and their lovely animals. Look for future posts of some of their fundraising programs.

The search continued on Saturday with a visit to Wake County Animal Control. The shelter did not have some of the amenities of the SPCA, their volunteers were no less dedicated and helpful. In addition they had a strictly enforced sanitation policy for handling the animals that was sure to maintain a high level of cleanliness and keep the animals healthy. Unfortunately  no luck finding the right cat for me so the search continues. Off to Durham next.