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Food Bank CENC logoHere’s a program that 5 Bucks is Change can really get behind! The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina has a monthly program that serves two purposes, it raises money and increases empathy for those who need the Food Bank services. Give a Meal for a Meal  invites donors to set aside the cost of one lunch once a month and donate it to the Food Bank of CENC.  You can pack a lunch, skip the meal or just donate what you might have spent. Here’s the amazing thing about stretching your donation. For every dollar you donate, the Food Bank can generate $10 worth of food value or enough to provide 5 meals.

Think about it: a $5 donation to the Food Bank of CENC will provide lunch to 25 struggling seniors… $10 will bring breakfast to 10 school children for one week… $15 will provide dinner to a family of four for nearly 3 weeks! By skipping just one meal, you can furnish many meals to those suffering from hunger.

To make it easy to donate every month, the Food Bank of CENC has a Sustaining Gift program that you can set up on a credit card to automatically withdraw your pledge. Donating 5 Bucks a month for a year means you would have provided for 300 lunches for senior citizens.  It will be a 5 Bucks donation that will go a long way and I promise you’ll never miss it.