Snidely Whiplash Rules – Mustache Competition for Charity

The 1st Annual Bear & Mustache Competition

The 1st Annual Bear & Mustache Competition

Who doesn’t love a villain with a great ‘stache? Remember the great mustache of Snidely Whiplash? This Saturday there may not be any villains but there will be plenty of mustaches,  beards and facial hair at the First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Competition. Join the fun at Bull McCabe’s Saturday, March 16th from 2:00 to 8:00 pm. Bring your best mustache for the contests for the Best Amish, Best Ginger, Best Ladystache, Most Likely to Tie a Woman to the Railroad Tracks and more. Does it sound like this event is just for the guys or hairy gals?

No, it’s also about womanly arms! Host LUEWWD (the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham) will present a Arm Wrestling Competition for the ladies. Add beer, bands and prize giveaways from local breweries and restaurants and you have an event!

All the fun is to benefit Liberty Arts and The Scrap Exchange – As men are rated for their beauty, women will demonstrate strength in a raucous arm-wrestling tourney. Bring a wad of bills to “vote” during the arm wrestling events, as all proceeds go toward arts programs for underprivileged women and girls. Admission is $5 or $15 if you want to compete.

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