Volunteer – It’s easier than you think

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Volunteerism is alive & well and just around your corner.

The excuses for not volunteering are becoming fewer and fewer. "I only have a couple of hours", "I can’t volunteer on a regular basis" and "I don’t know who to contact" have all become invalid reasons for not giving a little of your time to aid a local nonprofit organization.

In the Triangle area there are a number of organizations that make volunteering not just easy but a social event that could make you new friends along with serving the greater good. There are different types of volunteer promotion organizations. Some will match your interests, skills or time available with a specific charity. Others organize and promote special events to work on a specific project for a charity at a specific day and time. Others organize theme parties where the admission and additional funds raised are all part of the party atmosphere.

Here is a look at one group focused on organizing volunteers for nonprofits in the Triangle, NC area.

Activate Good is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit whose mission is to "activate volunteers to help causes in our local community." They believe that volunteerism is integral to the health of a community and to those who do the service work by providing physical, mental and emotional benefits. Activate Good is a akin to a ‘volunteer center’ – they help recruit, connect, match, and measure the impact of volunteers with over 80 nonprofit partners in the area. Activate Good sometimes coordinates and hosts larger service projects, but they are also focused on addressing nonprofits’ bigger long-term volunteer needs or projects.

Activate Good just launched a social network platform as their new volunteer system, introduced at ideaSPARK. It’s called it the "Volunteer Community". In the Volunteer Community, Nonprofits set up volunteer opportunities, then Activate Good promotes the volunteer needs to individuals, companies, and groups who might be able to help. Participants can sign up to help through our volunteer community. Then, the system tracks hours, impacts, and more. Volunteers can also form groups in our volunteer community, finding each other by common interest, or perhaps company, faith group, or other affiliation.

The group also focuses on making sure volunteers are treated like the precious asset they are. They show appreciation for their efforts and occasionally coordinate social gathering after events to build camaraderie among the volunteers.

To active yourself for some good, check out their website and go make something happen! You’ll be glad you did.

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