It’s Not Too Late


Janet presenting 5 Bucks at ReBarCamp

2010 is winding down and what a remarkable year it has been for me! Since launching the idea of 5 Bucks is Change last Christmas I have met hundreds of people who share my enthusiasm for helping nonprofit organizations, both large and small. I have been inspired by thousands of acts of kindness and generosity here in the Triangle area of North Carolina and around the world.  And mostly I have been amazed at the passion that so many put behind their individual causes, concerns and issues. To all who have reached out to me, thank you for believing that one person can make a difference.  To those that helped me along the way with hours of collaboration or just a few words of advice, my gratitude knows no bounds. To everyone I wish the New Year will bring peace, prosperity and more of that inspiring passion.

I would be remiss in my writing if I did not mention that there is still time to give to your favorite charities before the end of the year and earn a tax credit. With most nonprofits having an option to donate electronically via their websites you don’t even need to worry about rushing a check to the Post Office.  So review your end of year finances and see if you can find the five bucks or fifty or five hundred and make a last minute donation. Why not end the year on a high note!

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