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More than a billion people worldwide do not enjoy the luxury of water on tap in or near their homes. For most of us water is available within a short distance, but for many, access to water requires many hours of waiting in queues and then carrying heavy loads of water all the way home.  Mostly women and children are confronted with this daily task. The time and energy spent attending to this basic human right, of access to water, limits their educational and economic opportunities.

What is the Hippo Water Roller?

It is a tool designed to help women and children to transport more water more easily than traditional methods.

► empowers women and children

saves time and energy
reduces suffering
Who benefits?
The practical and durable design of the Hippo enables more water to be transported more efficiently and is able to cope with tough rural conditions and terrain. The Hippo, with it’s large drum capacity of 90 litres / 24 gallons, frees women and children from having to spend a large portion of every day dedicated to collecting water for their households. The Hippo’s drum can hold more than 4 buckets / jerry cans of water at once. Far less effort is required to roll the heavy weight of water (90kg / 200lbs) along the ground as apposed to carrying only one bucket (20kg / 45 lbs) on the head. (Add spaces between 90 kg and 200 lbs)
Traditional methods of collecting water include carrying heavy 20 litre – 5 gallon buckets on the head. Over time these heavy loads place an enormous strain on the skeletal frame, causing long-term damage and premature ageing. Much time is wasted walking long distances to a water point and then carrying small amounts of water all the way home, often more than once a day. This daily burden is significantly reduced by using appropriate technology like the Hippo Water Roller which is able to carry 4 times the amount of one bucket with less effort saving time.

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