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Selecting a charity to donate to can be both fun and challenging. There are literally thousands of charities that need and deserve assistance. The challenge can be determining which charity to focus on and then finding out if the charity is acting in a responsible way with your donation. It does not matter if you donate $5 or $5,000, you should still have the assurance that your money is being respected.

In researching charities there a number of tools, resources and web sites to use. One of the most well known is Charity Navigator. This web site rates charities on a number of factors including CEO salary, percentage of income that goes directly to operations and other factors. It is a good place to start but don’t rely totally on this resource alone upon which to base your selection. There are some organizations that have higher operations costs but deliver a program that has a “long tail” in giving. The Heifer Project, for instance, has higher operations cost because, in part, they raise their animals. That’s the only way they can provide totally healthy animals.

Check out your charity and use your best judgment – it’s your donation.

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