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It’s not business, it’s personal: Story of Cancer

ShareTweet Blogging for 5 Bucks is Change has been a wonderful privilege.  I have learned of the amazing things that people can do to change the world. I have had the honor and privilege of writing about many wonderful nonprofits, charity visionaries and passionate change-makers. These brilliant and caring people have been committing countless hours […]

Walk a mile in her shoes – one penny at a time

This week the African Well Fund is challenging everyone to think about how easy it is for us to get fresh, sanitary water and participate in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Pennies for the People.” It takes 84,480 pennies laid end to end to make a mile. So start collecting, one penny at a time and try to save a mile’s worth of pennies in recognition of the distance others have to walk for their water.

Snidely Whiplash Rules – Mustache Competition for Charity

The First Annual Durham Beard and Mustache Contest debuts amid beer, bands and prize giveaways . As men are rated for their beauty, women will demonstrate strength in a raucous arm-wrestling tourney for charity.

5 Bucks for Lunch for the Food Bank of CENC

Here’s a program that 5 Bucks is Change can really get behind! The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina has a monthly program that serves two purposes, raises money and increases empathy for those who need the Food Bank services.

Cats and Dogs Living Together! A Cat Adoption Story, Part I

ShareTweet This week I have been looking for love….of the four footed  variety. My home has no cat and that’s unusual. I do love dogs but as all my friends agree, I do not live a dog lifestyle. Cats, with their independent “you’re here to serve me” ways and need for “alone time” work perfectly into my […]

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