Just what is 5 bucks to most Americans? A hamburger, a fancy coffee, or a couple gallons of gas? To most of us, $5.00 is just change. But in other parts of the world or in our own neighborhoods, $5.00 can have an impact, especially when combined with other $5.00 donations.

Very few of us are millionaires but almost all of us have a desire and the capability to be generous. We also have friends who have similar desires. So let’s put the good intentions together with good friends and have a party! “5 Bucks is Change” is an initiative to combine the idea of having a good time to raise a little money and support “micro-charities”.

Here is a look at the launch of “5 Bucks is Change” at Ignite Raleigh 2

The site is sponsored by Janet M. Kennedy, a marketing and social media professional in Raleigh, NC.To send comments, suggestions of micro-charities or event stories, please e-mail me at janet@5bucksischange.com.

Thanks appreciation go to a group of friends and advisers who have helped with brainstorming, website creation and hosting, promotion and marketing ideas. Cheers to:

Louise Griffin (Twitter @louisegriffin)  – The first hostess of a fund raising party

Brian McDonald (Twitter @bmcd67) – Web hosting, WordPress management, digital marketing

Maura McDonald (Twitter @McDezigns) – Logo creation

Tucker Peterson – (Twitter @TuckerPeterson) Marketing concepts and promotion

Wendy Smith – Author of “Give a Little” for her inspiration

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