And so it begins…

I decreed that “5 Bucks is Change” would officially launch at Ignite Raleigh 2 last night … and so it did. My presentation was scheduled for later in the evening so I had to psyche myself up a bit before walking on stage. Many thanks to Emcee Zach Ward who gave me a hug before going on and a $5.00 donation as I left the stage!  Presenting in front of 400-500 was nerve wracking and remembering to slow down was my biggest hurdle. The audience responded well and I received some excellent comments live and via Twitter after speaking.  With all the effort that creating this presentation took I am planning to hit the road with it for the next month or so. I hope to present at Pecha Kacha at the end of the month and maybe hit the Rotary Club lunch circuit.

5 Bucks is Change_3-1

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